Electronic Access To
New Guide To Ground Leases

In 2024, ACRE Press published the three-volume New Guide to Ground Leases in traditional book form, with quality binding and archival paper. We will also offer it in electronic form. Purchasers need to register their email address when they purchase their copy of the physical book. Each purchaser’s specific email address will then be eligible to order an electronic version of the book, or parts of it, specifically:

  • PDF files for each volume, including Model Documents;
  • Word files for each Model Document as originally published in the book; and
  • Word files for each Model Document from the book, as updated and improved after publication taking into account comments from users and the author’s further experience.

Any book purchaser can order any or all of the above without additional charge by sending email (only from a registered email address) to orders@acrepress.com. When you place an order, we may require you to certify or prove you still possess the physical book.

If we change our arrangements for electronic access to the New Guide, we will update this web page.

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