A Practical Guide to Real Estate Practice

Everything a real estate lawyer needs to know except real estate law and how to find clients. An introduction to the practice area and, by implication, other transactional practice areas. Designed for a new practitioner or one switching from litigation to transactional work, the guide covers, among other things:

  • Documents and how to work with them, including use of defined terms and Plain English
  • Mistake prevention
  • Dealing with drafts and distributions
  • Working with a team and third parties
  • Negotiations
  • Managing a closing
  • Email, which was already a major challenge when this book appeared in 2001
  • Post-closing activities

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American Law Institute – American Bar Association originally published this book in 2001. That version is now out of circulation because the publisher has stopped publishing books and has restructured. ACRE Press still sells both physical and electronic copies. To order one, click here.